Instagram apk download For Android 2019

Instagram apk download  -Do you want to relief from your boring life with your android smartphone. nowadays it’s easier to fun with your android device. today I will give you an Instagram photo-sharing apk. This app is so joyful and trusts me when you are using this apk you enjoy this Instagram apk.


About Instagram Apk

Instagram is a Photo, Video Sharing app where you can share your created video.and watch other people’s videos and enjoy them.

Instagram is a highly recommended application for android and ios, Its very joyful and entertainment app which full fill your life with joy and happiness. You upload your clicked photo and recorded video and you can watch other people’s videos and photos and like them.

When you watch other people photos you can like them photos and share to another, you also can follow them to see their other future posts, Instagram is a big society where many people upload there freestyle dancing videos, dramatic videos, nature pics, and them experience related picture and videos. Hundreds of millions of people download Instagram Here, you can entertain yourself.

Features of Instagram

  • Image editor
  • Tag your location
  • Private Chat
  • Notifier
  • Chat in Group
  • Hashtags
  • Sharing
  • Filters

Download Instagram apk for android 2019

Apk Name Instagram
Size 32Mb
Required 6.1 or better
Downloads 1B+


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  • Instagram Screenshot
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How to use Instagram

Public Reviews Of Instagram Apk

Christelle jiresse: For the past few years, it was working really great. Loved it! But suddenly, just recently, I can’t click/go on my chats anymore. I literally have to wait until someone texts me to go on there. And once I’m on my chat, I can’t go to the main page. I tried resetting my phone a couple of times but, nothing. Can’t delete it, only upgrade. I really want to be fixed. Please, everything is in there.

luke_is_a_penguin _1: For the past year it worked great but since last week or so it keeps crashing every time I open it. It says the same thing each time that it’s not working. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, reset my tablet and even reported it multiple times but still nothing! It’s been a week fix it already! And it’s not just me, according to the reviews other users are going through the same situation too. I use Instagram on a Samsung tablet. Please fix this ASAP, my photos and some communication are on there!

Alena Perez: There are constantly issues. My account that I have had for years with irreplaceable memories just up and disappeared and won’t let me back in, and they won’t even reply to my support messages asking for help to get my account back. They just say “make a new one” despite the years of work I put into my account. Not only that, but they ban you over stupid and pointless things unless you’re famous. Instagram is owned by some crappy person who doesn’t care about the app, just the money it makes.

Elliot Valeska: It was quite good but lately it keeps on messing up. I wasn’t able to change the bio of my main account for about a month. I wanted to make a second account that focuses on something else than my main account and every time the sign up failed. When I tried to create the account again, it said the email I used was taken. When I searched that email up and tried to log in since the account obviously already existed it said I violated their terms and that it was blocked. Big oof, Instagram.

Last word

This is a very entertaining app, I also sign in to enjoy and you can trust us you will be very happy after downloading the app. So, just click the download button.